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"There is no salvation apart from [the church]." ~Cyprian

Jesus saves individual sinners, he does it through His church to bring them into His church. A Christian must be a part of Christ’s church. To deny one's need for the church is to deny one's need of Jesus.        At West Tennessee Reformed, we take the church very seriously. A faithful Reformed church is a church that is constantly striving to think and act, to believe and live, according to the written Word of God. We are an exploratory work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. “Orthodox” meaning “right teaching” which is teaching that is faithful and true to the Bible. “Presbyterian” meaning our form of church government. “Exploratory work” meaning we hope to grow from a Bible study into an established church. We want to follow the example of the Apostle Paul by establishing a core group of believers who know God and His word. This core group will be the worshiping and discipling core for reaching the lost in our area.

“He who will not have the church as his mother may not have God as his Father." ~Cyprian

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